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The Statistical Information and Modelling (SIM) group of EURANDOM conducts research on a variety of topics in mathematical and applied statistics. The research currently focuses mainly on semi- or nonparametric problems. Such problems naturally arise in many different contexts, when complex statistical models are used that involve a very large number of unknown parameters, possibly infinitely many. These so-called high-dimensional statistical models are for instance often encountered in areas like image analysis, mathematical biology, finance or climate science. Particular fields of interest in mathematical statistics include inverse problems, nonparametric Bayesian inference and non- or semi parametric inference for stochastic processes. On the applied side the group is among others involved in projects in image analysis and climate predictions.

EURANDOM acts as a meeting place for the senior fellows of the SIM group, who have their main positions at one of the Dutch universities. They supervise a number of young researchers, currently two Ph.D. students and two postdocs. The Ph.D. and postdoc positions are funded either directly by EURANDOM, through cooperations with partner universities, or by external grants. The SIM group actively contributes to the organization of workshops and seminars at EURANDOM. Regular events include the Meeting of Young European Statisticians (YES) and the Eindhoven Informal Statistics Seminar.

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